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In the end

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away……


My heart cries out, “Come back to me!!

A lonely tear is set out
I’m sitting alone for all to
You r far away, how can it
… be?
My heart cries out, “Come
back to me!!

Life is not so short.don’t be so proud of yourself

Life is not so short.don’t be so proud of yourself and damn others.
Situations change with time.
Every one should respect other’s love.

Broken heatless soul

This heart is fake

As Ive been told;

No loving hearts

Can make it whole,

No dam lights

above can treasure it Now;

For now I…….

Live in forever sorrow,

Of they dying world

I left behind, with no thought at all.

You loved whats not ment to love

As though u do what u want anyways;

For this heart is now ripped

Right out;

i feel your fake as i was

Know i suffer more inside me

now one can jugde me

this face so cold

i feel i am suffering what love has

to offer thy heart thats decaying.

But yet u punish me anyways

to breath is hard enough

I feel sick with dout

know you feel what i felt

but not good enough.

to bleed is a sign of pureaty

not nowing were it takes me.

thses stupide friends

cant emagin how i feel

so for all of u just shut your mouth,

firends are better of dead

as my head begins to hurt

i youth this pain of self hurt.

until i rise again i will be silent in shame.

These tears Besides Me

i lay here silent, in a puddle full of tears
caused by my regrets, by my mistakes and by my fears
i can’t believe its over, i can’t believe its done
you said i was your lover, you said i was the one

and now we both feel hurt, not one knows how to fix us
and these tears they lay besides me, i wonder if you miss us?
my feelings they surround me, they tell me what to do
but i wish that you were with me, i wish u wished that too

if i could write you a poem and you’d say you’d take me back
i still couldn’t find the words, but its not words i lack
the lies they killed my trust when you fled into his arms
he’s not even like me, yet you fell for his silly charms

i know i said some bad things and what you did was death
but i forgave you for our love, wont you forgive me Steph?
you tell me your confused, ‘tween me and your old love
you say you don’t have those feelings, did you really switch them off?

inside i know you love me and i know that you’ll return
but you left me with your cuts, now i have scars that burn
my head tells me to leave you, you’re nothing but deceipt
but without you i can’t function, without you i can’t breathe

my friends they say i’m crazy, move on and let it go
but i am crazy for you, my friends they just don’t know
i’m waiting for that moment, when the moon and stars align
i’m wishing in this moment, i wish that you were mine

but these tears they lay beside me, not one was shed for me
these tears they lay beside me, not one will set me free
these tears they lay beside me, not one can be undone
these tears they lay beside me, they tell me you’re the one

Yes, I remember it all.

I do recall…
Yes, I remember it all.
You kissed me.
You held me.
You said You’d never leave me.

You came home drunk one night.
You tried to start a fight
at about 3am
when everything started slipping
right out of my hands.
Our children were crying.
They said they feel like dying.

I got on my knees to pray.
Nothing’s going right these days.
I never feel at ease
then you threw me out into the street.
The rain was pouring.
You held a knife to my throat.
I was too afraid to scream or moan.

You dropped the knife and
left me there
after you had beaten me
hoping I would die
because I had more than I could bare.

The screams of my children I heard.
“Take me; Not them,”
I wanted to scream.
With a limp in my step
I run to the house
and grabbed your gun.
Your life’s almost over.
You better run.

The sun was about to come up
so I had to make this fast.
The fear no longer will last.
Never again will we be abused and afraid.
Dead you’ll lay
and never be found.
I’ll bury you myself
deep into the ground.

One blow was all it took.
I wish you well
as you rot in hell.
Your screams will never be heard.
You can’t be saved.
You’re now Satan’s slave.

One blow to your heartless chest
was all it took
to end my pain forever.

My room is silent now..

My room is silent now..
And you’re the only thing on my mind..
There’s so much that I wanted to change..
How I wish I could just rewind..

I wish I could go back in time..
Back to when we were still in school..
When i first saw you with my own eyes..
And instantly fell like a fool..

Back to laughing till we cried..
And listening to our favourite song..
“A thousand years” a thousand times..
I felt with you was where I belonged..

But now those times are over..
They’re just memories put on display..
And I’m alone in my room..
Trying to throw these old memories away..

Don’t go, I beg of you, I love you..


Don’t go,
I beg of you,
I love you,
I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Please don’t say this is the end
Even if you think I’m better your friend
I want to be with you
I want to know you love me too

I want your love to engulf me
I want your voice to charish me
I want to hold your hand
It slipped from me like sand

I want to feel your hug
That feeling loves to tug
I miss your hugs
I miss your arms around me

Please don’t go
there must be more to me
that you have to see
I can be
The girl you don’t want to leave

Forever with you
Our love could be true
Please don’t go
I still miss you so

I’m bleeding here
Wondering where
Our love has gone
I was once the one
When we were so strong

Blood pours from my wounds
Sops comes from inside me
Without any sounds
But I still wish I could be
With you

Don’t go
You could know
What it is like to be loved
By someone who could grow

I’m bleeding all over the floor
But you just walked out the open door
And behind you closed the door
A mess of me all over the floor

But you never looked back
And how can I unpack
This hurt in me
When there is so much we could be

You left me to clean up the mess you made
what did you think when you left
That all that happened would just fade
What I felt for you was a bigger link

Wwhat do you think
When you left burning the link
When you left me barely alive
Wondering if this was how to die

I love you
I miss you
Come back please
There is more
We could be


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